“Music can change the world.” Ludwig van Beethoven

Charlotte Lion is a qualified primary school teacher, who worked as director of music at a London Primary school. She has been running baby and toddler music classes for the past 8 years and started Little Roars Music in 2016.

She is passionate about creativity and seeing little ones learn.

“It is a joy running Little Roars Music classes and a real privilege to be able to provide this engaging learning environment for your little ones. In the first 3 years, your little ones’ brains are developing at their fastest; give them the best start that you can, by bringing them to Little Roars Music classes.”

Little Roars Music classes are run for the benefit of the local community, with at least 10% of everything we receive being donated to charity.

We never want anyone to miss out on attending classes due to finances, please do get in touch to discuss your personal situation.

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